Say hello to Birthland, a community midwifery practice based in Oakland, California. In 2019, bombilla collaborated with the WOC-owned community midwifery practice to build a new visual identity system embodying the importance of home.

Birthland cares for families in a manner that is financially accessible, culturally relevant, and above all, safe and nurturing.⁣ The midwifery practice is led by Kiki Jordan and Anjali Sardeshmuk, passionate certified professional midwives (CPMs) who believe pregnant people deserve high quality guidance and care during one of life’s most precious (and vulnerable) moments.

What if we reimagined the way we take care of pregnant people? The way we bring our babies into the world? The way we welcome them?⁣

Birthland's co-founders wanted their brand to represent home and family, the feminine divine, strength and resilience, and the joys of new life.

Our collaborative process started with hands-on branding exercises, research and reflections...

... and ended with a powerful look and feel that embodies Anjali and Kiki's values and vision for their community midwifery business.

Thank you, Anjali & Kiki, for allowing us to bring your beautiful vision to life. We are so excited to unveil your new business to the world!⁣ 

At bombilla, we light up with joy when we build systems-changing brands. 💡💡💡 We are so grateful for Birthland's work to ensure families can secure non-hypermedicalized, affordable care from medical professionals who listen to them. Learn more about Birthland's crucial work, from pregnancy to postpartum, on their website.

Bombilla CEO Ivellisse Morales and Birthland co-founders met as classmates in Uptima Business Bootcamp’s 12-week Funding Your Business course in the Summer of 2019. Pictured from left to right is: Ivellisse Morales (bombilla), Kiki Jordan and Anjali Sardeshmuk (Birthland), Julia Kong and Brooke Station (Reflex Design Collective).

Shout-out to our talented designer Samantha Vaughan for bringing your best work to this project.

Hear it straight from the source:

Bombilla lit up our brand in a way that we hadn’t even imagined. As a new midwifery practice, we were connected to our purpose but unclear on how to share this with our community. Bombilla grounded us by strategically guiding us through the creative process. We felt heard and incredibly inspired by the possibilities. When we came to a point in the branding journey that was more detail oriented,  Bombilla was patient and flexible with our process. Bombilla midwifed the midwives! Thank you Bombilla for lighting the way, and welcoming us home into Birthland.

-Kiki Jordan and Anjali Sardeshmuk, Co-Founders & Certified Professional Midwives at Birthland