Raising awareness on Capitol Hill

We’re still pinching ourselves about this. Recognize a familiar face? Yup, that’s right. That’s Serena Williams’s husband, Alexis Ohanian, standing among campaign posters that our team designed for the PL+US Dad’s Day of Action on October 22, 2019, sponsored by Dove+ Men Care. We were tasked to marry both brands into a single poster that Dadvocates could proudly hold to raise awareness on the issue on Capitol Hill.

More than 40 #Dadvocates met with Congressmembers across the aisle in Washington D.C. to share their paternity leave stories and advocate for policy change. Paid family leave policy impacts everyone, and our team is honored to contribute to this fight for paid leave for all Americans by 2022.⁣

Shout-out to Tryston Williams of Trifective Design for their partnership and amazing skills on this project. I wake up grateful every day to be building the conscious creative agency of my dreams. We’re out here! 💡💡💡⁣

Photo Credit: @alexisohanian @gaydadgoals