For the past three years, bombilla has served as the go-to creative agency for Caliber Public Schools based in Richmond and Vallejo, California. Caliber's mission is to achieve educational equity by shifting the experiences, expectations, and outcomes for students in historically underserved communities.

Serving 1,510 students across two schools, Caliber's values are anchored in these four pillars:


Designing Caliber's Annual Report:

We've collaborated with the Caliber team on three of their Annual Reports, which capture stories, highlights and progress updates from each school year. From copywriting to graphic design, we’ve supported the content development process from beginning to end. 

Building Caliber's Teacher Champions program:

The Teacher Champions volunteer program recruits locals of all ages and professional backgrounds to directly support teachers and their classrooms. bombilla was honored to provide project management and strategy support to get this concept off the ground. Today, 35 community members are supporting Caliber's work as Teacher Champions.

Leading Caliber's Brand Refresh:

In 2019, bombilla designed a new brand identity for Caliber to celebrate their official designation as a public school. The Caliber team wanted something new to reflect the internal and external changes, without venturing too far from the trust and recognition they’ve built. In true collaborative spirit, we invited the school community to vote on their favorite logo. Students, families, and staff overwhelmingly chose the new logo direction (below), which celebrates the community's four pillars by including the Heart, Smart, Think, Act icons within the new design.

Shoutout to our designers Samantha Vaughan and Emily Seaman for your beautiful work!


It has been an absolute pleasure to work with bombilla. They have been critical in helping our organization to push our vision, storytelling and branding. Ivi is constantly pushing herself in terms of creativity, design, and impact on her audience. She asks provocative questions and views design and branding on a deep level; her process is not just about fonts and colors but about stories and lives. Ivellisse is professional, easy to work with, unassuming, patient, and caring. bombilla’s work has grown alongside ours; we are honored to be a part of their journey.

-Margaret Goldstein-Cooper, Caliber Public Schools