Dear Community,

We’re the creative directors of our shared future on this beautiful blue planet we call home. How are we going to individually and collectively step up to solve the great social, political and environmental crises of our time? We need antiracist players at all levels, in all sectors and in all positions. We need as many people as possible to be #litonpurpose. To be #litonpurpose is to embody the change the world needs by focusing on how our individual creative gifts can collectively make the world brighter. Change starts with you (us). 

What keeps me inspired is the power of creativity, community and collaboration to spark change. In the words of National Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman“There is always light, if only we’re brave enough to see it. If only we’re brave enough to be it.” 

At bombilla, we’re embodying our light! We’re a small and mighty team with big dreams of a world free of racial, economic and social oppression. Meet the brilliant humans making change happen:

Kimberly Cho

oakland, CA | creative project manager + designer

Specializes in illustration and animation.
Geeks out over sci-fi, fostering kittens, and weekend road trips.

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Lillian Kim

alameda, CA | admin + biz manager

Specializes in business operations.
Geeks out over Charlotte Mason homeschooling, local foodie eats, and latest tech.

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Emily Seaman

boston, MA | creative project manager + strategist

Specializes in nonprofit communications strategy.
Geeks out over zoology, science fiction, dinosaurs, and gardening.

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Tiffany Threets

oakland, CA | designer

Specializes in design and packaging.
Geeks out over sneakers, print design, and plants.

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Sam Vaughan

los angeles, CA | graphic designer

Specializes in design, UX, and photography.
Geeks out over word origins, future-forecasting, urban (and non-urban) wildlife, and Rebecca Solnit.

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Ivi Morales

oakland, CA | founder & CEO

Specializes in ideation, brainstorms and values-driven branding.
Geeks out over creativity, the apocalypse and the power of people to make change.

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Yandia Miñana Pérez

mayagüez, PR | fall 2020 brandtern

Recent graduate of University of Puerto Rico - Mayagüez.
Specializes in creative strategy and content creation.
Geeks out over environmental justice, eco-friendly hacks, vegan recipes, and cocker spaniels.

Aziza Jackson

oakland, CA | creative project manager + strategist

Specializes in content strategy and storytelling.
Geeks out over the AP Stylebook, underground art shows, and anything sci-fi.

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Shoutout to our 2020 fall intern Yandia Miñana Pérez for facilitating these interviews!