Racy Conversations logo

Five years ago, Bombilla created Racy Conversations' brand identity during it's inception. In celebration of that five year anniversary, Racy Conversations founder Karen Fleshman came to bombilla once again for a brand identity refresh to define its new chapter!

Racy Conversations is an organization whose mission is to create a community of “love, learning, accountability, and action on race in America.”

Founder Karen Fleshman has been invited to speak at panels and events to discuss the importance of empowerment and community for women and ways to end toxic workplace culture regarding race.

Brand Identity Launch for Racy Conversations

During the initial branding conversation, we pinpointed the importance of designing a logo that is bold, passionate, and feminine to celebrate Racy Conversations' values. We agreed that it was important for the new logo wordmark to reflect the original. The new logo sports a sense of boldness and vibrancy with the drybrush typography as well as a tagline to further highlight Racy Conversations' mission. Below is a before and after of the original logo:

before and after of Racy Conversations' logo redesign
before and after of Racy Conversations' logo redesigned by bombilla

When it came to developing the new brand colors, we continued in the same vein of creating a color scheme that evoked boldness, passion, and femininity. We liked how gradients incorporated all three of these elements into one strong look.

Racy Conversations' brand gradient
Racy Conversations' brand gradient designed by bombilla

We then compiled Racy Conversations' visual identity and best practices into a 10-page branding guidelines booklet. Racy Conversations uses this guide to maintain beautiful visual consistency across all their channels.

Racy Conversations' brand guidelines booklet
Racy Conversations' brand guidelines booklet designed by bombilla

A Platform for Anti-Racism

In preparation for the event, we wanted to further integrate the new branding by developing a deck template to be used at the event and during future talks and presentations. Using Racy Conversations' vibrant new colors, we created a bold and fun presentation deck to turn heads and advocate the next antiracist generation.

Racy Conversations' branded deck template
Racy Conversations' branded deck template designed by bombilla

Business Cards

We also designed brand new business cards to be passed out with pizzazz during networking events. We included a headshot of Karen for people to easily remember and recognize.

front and back of Racy Conversations' branded business cards
Racy Conversations' branded business cards designed by bombilla

Shoutout to our designer Kimberly Cho for your beautiful visual identity work!