Many traditional business models treat customer service and marketing as separate systems. More recent customer experience frameworks, however, understand that your BRAND lies at the intersection of these two areas.

In this practical workshop at the conference for Bay Area Capital Connections XIII: Imagining Our New Selves, Ivellisse Morales guides audience members to evaluate their organization's practices and beliefs around customer service.

About the Conference

From the event organizers: This year's conference theme is Imagining Our New Selves. Sessions will cover practical topics related to bolstering our organizations as we enter a new phase of economic development that is adapted to a world with constantly changing rules. 

As our entrepreneurial community begins its tumultuous climb out of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are at the forefront of reimagining how we cultivate a supportive ecosystem for all community members. We know the nature of the problems that persist in the Bay Area – in most cases, we know many viable solutions, too. Seizing on the opportunity for massive change presented to us, how can we build better systems as we look toward the Bay Area’s future? What roles must we play, and what tools do we need? Who else must be in the room?

Through BACC XIII, we hope to hold space for innovative conversations that reimagine and actively think through comprehensive entrepreneurial wellbeing, equitable designs for workplaces, and relationships with culturally-aware capital lenders. By holding the conference virtually for the second year in a row, we hope to keep this content accessible to the entire community regardless of the changing situation with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Conference hosted by The Alliance for Community Development. bombilla was one of the sponsors at this year's event.