Source: Sogorea Te' Land Trust

bombilla is based in xučyun (Huchiun), in unceded territory of the Chochenyo-speaking Lisjan Ohlone peoples, now also known as Oakland.

As a collective, we want to honor the history, culture, language, knowledge, and stewardship of the Ohlone peoples, and acknowledge and repair the violence inflicted upon the land and its peoples who have belonged in sacred relationship to this land for time immemorial.

We stand with the Ohlone people who continue to live and thrive here today, and respect their Indigenous sovereignty in this beloved, ancient place.

Reparations in Action

Starting in 2022, we will contribute to the Shuumi Land Tax which directly supports Sogorea Te’ Land Trust's work of "rematriation, returning Indigenous land to Indigenous people, establishing a cemetery to reinter stolen Ohlone ancestral remains and building urban gardens, community centers, and ceremonial spaces so current and future generations of Indigenous people can thrive in the Bay Area."

We encourage other non-Indigenous residents of the Bay Area to contribute to Sogorea Te's critical work through the Shuumi Land Tax and other contributions.

In 2021, we have donated $1,000+ to organizations committed to equity, including: Liberated Capital, Black Joy Parade and The Alliance for Community Development. Please visit their websites to see how you can support their crucial work!

Resources for Our Community

There are many ways to repair your relationship with the land and its Native peoples, and we encourage you to explore ways to do so that have a direct impact in the local communities you call home. Below are a few resources and organizations we follow and would love to share with you. If you have any organizations, resources, learnings, or solidarity campaigns that you would like to share with us or our community, we would love to hear them!

To start, find out what Native land you’re on here:

For those living on Ohlone land:

More Resources:

What We’re Reading:

  • Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teachings of Plants by Robin Wall Kimmerer